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DIY wedding invitations and party invites

For all your DIY wedding and party invitations trust Brisbane based Paper Warehouse to supply you with the best and most extensive range of DIY invitation needs.

With an astounding variety of over 1000 different types of invitation paper, your DIY invites are sure to be a hit.

DIY wedding invitations in Brisbane and around Australia are growing in popularity, so come to the number one invitation paper suppliers for all your DIY invitations. Be it DIY wedding invitations or party invitations, DIY is a much more personal, cost effective and fun way to create you invitations!

Visit Paper Warehouse online today and browse our huge range of invitation paper for all your DIY needs.

Wedding Invitation Paper

Invitation Paper can be generally divided into several categories:

  • Metallic Invitation Paper (Stardream Paper, Curious Antique Paper & Pearla Paper)
  • Letterhead Invitation Paper (Felt Invitation Paper & Linen Invitation Paper)
  • Patterned Invitation Paper (Metallic Invitation Paper, Translucent Invitation Paper, Vellum Invitation Paper and Shimmer Invitation Paper).

A wedding invitation is an announcement to the world that there is a special occasion to celebrate and sets the theme as well as style of the event, be it elegant, formal, or contemporary wedding invitation paper.

Paper Warehouse offers an enormous range of wedding invitation paper, wedding stationery and accessories in an amazing array of colours, weights and textures. With wonderful fonts and imaginative designs these combine to create truly original and spectacular wedding invitations.

Paper Warehouse can provide for all your other wedding stationery needs for your special occasion. Be inspired from our wide range of fine invitation papers and accessories and design your own wedding invitations from our beautiful range of invitation papers, envelopes, ribbons and accessories.

We happily assist regional and country clients by bringing the extensive range of our invitation paper to every household through our online purchasing service.

Paper Warehouse offers our online retail shop 24/7 to customers throughout Australia and Internationally including Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin and Hobart.

Creating wedding invitations is exciting. Wedding invitations are most likely the first written notice for family and friends about wedding planning details. Therefore, it is important to have all the correct wedding information on your wedding invitations. Leave nothing to chance.

We carry wedding invitation paper in every style imaginable and some you've never seen before. We take pride in the fact that we have received awards from wedding invitation companies for our customer service, low prices, and fast turnaround.

Wedding Invitation Trends

The fashion runways provide fresh ideas and trends for upcoming wedding invitations and event invitations including graphic prints in black & white, creamy neutrals, rich teal and dramatic red, plus plenty of romance for invitation papers for the upcoming season.

Bold, hot colours are giving way to neutral tone invitation paper shades of champagne, pale meadow green, frost blue, creamy vanilla or soft magnolia pink, bringing their sophisticated elegance to this seasons wedding invitations. Adorn your wedding invitations with beautiful metal charms for a romantic feel or sparkling crystal brands for a modem touch.

Modern black & white designs are hot on the runway and the graphic designs make a contemporary, yet classic statement for wedding invitations. We love wedding invitations featuring elegant black and white sashes, available in modern and classic patterns. The 100% recycled fine paper sashes pair beautifully with neutrals, tropical brights or rich traditional colours and create luxurious layers that are wrapped like a beautiful gift.

Teal is also of-the-moment for wedding invitation paper, a colour both cool and rich, showing up in the latest fashions. Teal is gorgeous paired with crisp white and sparkling silver embellishments.

Dramatic red in shades of bright poppy and rich scarlet are a growing trend in wedding invitation paper and the gorgeous hue is fabulous paired with gold and black adornments.

Romance is back in a big way with lovely, romantic patterns delicately layered with translucent vellum. Fabulous lace wraps or intricate charm embellishments would also make enchanting wedding invitation paper.

Earth-friendly wedding invitation paper will always be the smart choice in wedding invitations and hopefully the trend will continue. Look for tree-free and fine invitation papers and envelopes made from 100% post-consumer fibres.

Do it yourself wedding invitations continue to be popular, as a way of saving a significant amount of money plus the ability to completely personalize invitations. They are also great if you need wedding invitations in a hurry, as the supplies can be shipped out right away.

DIY Invitation Tools

Paper Warehouse has the largest range of specialty papers, envelopes, ribbons and accessories. Ideal for DIY Wedding Invitation Papers Supplies & Scrapbooking, our range is available at discounted prices. Unlike most suppliers we don't have minimum orders enabling you to purchase sample sheets to help you make up your mind.

Paper Warehouse is the home of leading designer ranges in paper and envelopes as well as bringing you a beautiful range of ribbon, studs, buckles, seals and glue tapes.

Our range of paper, envelopes, ribbons and accessories is the perfect starting point for anyone looking to make their own wedding invitations and stationery. Whether it be one of our beautiful metallic shimmer papers, designer patterned paper, or wedding envelopes you are after, Paper Warehouse is the best place for you to find the cheapest wedding stationery online.

Paper Warehouse also has a beautiful range of pre-cut invitation cards such as Pockets, Inserts, Sleeves and Pouches. Available in DL, C6, C5, 150mm, 130mm and 145mm. Paper Warehouse also has a massive range of Place Cards which are available in Metallic, Matt, Felt and Linen finish.

We understand that when making your own wedding invitations it is important to choose the invitation paper that best matches the style of your wedding. Therefore, unlike most sites, Paper Warehouse has no minimum order so you can purchase single sheets of our paper to enable you to touch and feel our paper before you decide on your invitation paper.

Wedding Invitations and The Rise of DIY

With so many different types of invitation paper, twine, ribbon, stamps and other wedding stationery to choose from, lots of couples are choosing to make their own, personalised wedding invitations. Paper Warehouse offers everything you need to make your dream wedding invitations with over 1000 different invitation papers, invitation cards and invitation envelopes to choose from. Don't forget to browse our catalogue of Ribbons, Seals, Studs & Fasteners, Glues and Accessories for the perfect wedding keepsakes, mementos and gifts to complement your wedding invitations.

Different Wedding Invitations

Bold Wedding Invitation Designs

This year is all about bold colours and bright patterns tastefully combined to create a sophisticated wedding invitation. Don't be afraid of pairing bright colours from your wedding theme to create a wedding invitation that shows off your personal style.

Going Back To Nature

Nature-inspired wedding invitations are the rage this year as going green is in! Choose from nature themed invitations such as birds, leaves or try incorporating tiny pressed flowers for a pretty invite!

Go Asian

Asia is taking the world by storm and if you're a bride of Asian descent, what better way to celebrate your heritage? Go for the popular red and gold combination or feature pretty cherry blossoms and the highly auspicious Chinese double happiness symbol for your wedding invitations.

Mix The Old And New

Who says old is out of fashion? The recent years have seen a comeback of vintage designs that look beautiful on a wedding invite. Vintage inspired lace and ribbons add a touch of elegance to your wedding invitations in a way no modern designs can.

So brides, get inspired and try something different for your wedding this year. Start it off with a trendy invitation that will keep your guests waiting in anticipation for your wedding!

Modern Invitation – Breaking Traditions

Wedding Invitations and Delivery

Wedding invitations go out to guests in envelopes right? Maybe in the old world but in the new world, expect the unexpected. Some modern couples are having puzzles made of their wedding invitations, injecting some fun into the formalities. By designing and creating your own wedding invitations using invitation paper from Paper Warehouse your specifications can then be placed in intricate, hand-painted bottles with sand and shells or sparkles and confetti, thrilling all you invite.

Environmentally Friendly Invitations

With the focus on global warming and other environmental concerns, couples are trying to do their part and selecting recycled paper for their wedding invitations. Whilst recycled invitation papers may not be quite as white as others, considered coloured recycled invitation papers. Trendy textured recycled invitation papers are a great alternative for beach and outdoor wedding invitations. Red Carpet Glamour

Decadent Decorations

Gone are the days of decorating your wedding invitations with ribbon alone – the HOT trend for wedding invitations is glamour and what better way to continue that theme through to your wedding invitations is with exotic lace, silver charms and clasps, exquisite beads and anything else that oozes 'bling'. And for the ultimate in glamour, you just can't go past getting the expertly engraved invitation to provide the perfect finishing touch.


Monochromatic invitation paper is IN! Whilst whites and ivories are a classic choice and will remain popular for traditional wedding invitations, modern couples are combining three unlikely shades or hues of a single invitation paper together to add a contemporary look to their wedding invitations.

Seasonally inspired colour themes such as pinks, lavenders and pastel greens will never go out of fashion, however if you really want to make a modern statement with your wedding invitation paper, consider a trendy colour medley of plum and tangerine, navy and lime, fuchsia and orange, deep Merlot and moss green, chocolate brown and taupe or even the new jewel tone trends of rich purples, golds, oranges and reds as your wedding invitation paper.

Unusual Shaped Invitations

Whether it is a formal or traditional wedding invitation, today's couple are looking for something different. Round, bi-fold or fold-out cards are becoming popular choices amongst brides and grooms this year. And with the growing popularity of destination weddings, couples are really using their creative juices, sending out wedding invitations that reflect their exotic destination; a textured sandy beach invitation for a tropical beach wedding or an Eiffel Tower for a Parisian wedding.

Wedding Invitation Artwork & Design

For truly unique, stylish and inspirational wedding invitations, consider working with a graphic designer to create the ultimate one-of-a-kind wedding invitation that stands out from the rest and captures your personal style.

URLs on Invitations

One fast growing trend in wedding invitations is couples placing their engagement photos on wedding websites and ways to RSVP online and even putting together their own wedding website featuring pictures of themselves and details about their wedding. When they send out their wedding invitations they include the URL to their wedding page so guests can easily find it.

Rain Cards

As more and more couples are opting to take advantage of Australia's amazing alfresco climate and selecting outdoor settings, such as beaches and public gardens, it's important to have a backup plan just in case it rains. A growing wedding invitation trend is to include rain cards to advise guests where the ceremony and/or reception will be held in case of bad weather, including a contact telephone number that guests can call to find out whether or not the wedding has been moved to the alternative location.

Wedding Invites And…

Wedding Invitations and Paper

Forget the plain wedding invitation cardstock! Contemporary wedding invitation designers feature invitation papers of all types and textures. Beautiful embossing, felt textures, silk threads, chiffons, foiled patterns, even satin and velvet fabrics are used with great effect. Look at specialised handmade invitation paper with all kinds of exquisite detail. This could be anything from rose petals to twine, or chilli peppers to coffee, embedded in the paper fibre. Paper Warehouse has an amazing range of wedding invitation paper- patterned paper, metallic paper, translucent paper and handmade paper with floral and metal embedding for stunning and stylish wedding invitations, thank you cards and reception place cards.

Wedding Invitations and Colour

Old world wedding invitations are ivory, white or ecru but new world versions are every colour of the rainbow. Silver and gold are frequently used as the theme colours for contemporary designs but pink, aqua and lavender are gaining in popularity too. Coloured inks are also en vogue, with brown ink on pink paper the favourite for wedding invitations at present. Choose the invitation paper colour to tie in with your personalised theme.

Wedding Invitations and Shape

Traditional wedding invitations are often 5" square but a tall, vertical rectangle is currently the most popular shape for wedding invitations.

Wedding Invitations and Fonts

Nowadays, you're no longer restricted to the old-fashioned, ornate, cursive fonts for wedding invitations (though they do look extremely elegant). Modern clean font lines suit modern wedding invitations but whatever font you choose, make sure you limit it to two types only on your wedding invitation.

Wedding Invitations and Wording

Whilst some couples continue to use traditional wedding invitation wording, many are taking the liberty of personalising their text with the addition of a poem or a romantic quote.